Thursday, June 4, 2009

What I read today

I recently was rearranging the books on my shelf and came across Charmed and Dangerous. I finished reading it today.

Quoted from Candace Havens site:
When Bronwyn turned twenty she took the oath to protect, and for the last five years she's kept that promise, working as a kind of one-witch secret service to the British Prime Minister. Her arsenal includes a combination of potions, spells, explosions, mind-reading tricks, and general butt-kicking skills. But Bronwyn has a soft side, too-especially when it comes to Dr. Sam, the favorite physician of her new hometown, Sweet, Texas. He's smart, funny, adorable, everything she could want in a man. Except he's also a warlock-a big no-no in Bronwyn's book of dating. Being a witch is definitely getting in the way of her sex life. If zapping evil jerks is easy, why is finding a boyfriend so hard?


My thoughts:

I love sassy and strong heroines. Bronwyn is all that and more. She never backs down from a fight. Sex, romance, witches, and warlocks. The book is kindof written like it's a journal showing time, Bronwyn's location and also briefly summarizes happenings. Charmed and Dangerous is very funny especially the interactions between the people of Sweet Texas. I was happy to see that this is the first part of a series called Bronwyn the witch. Book two is called Charmed and Ready and the third is called Charmed and Deadly. There is also a book about Bronwyn's friend Kira Smythe.

I would definitely recommend this book. I plan on reading the rest of the series.

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